Friday, 27 November 2009

In ruins (of local interest only, if that)

These are pictures of Newcastle in the late 19th century and, top, Tynemouth in the 20th century. The buildings (in Tynemouth, Pilgrim Street, Sangate and Gateshead Quayside) have mostly been knocked down or, in the case of Tynemouth, burned down. The elephants, on Grey Steet, no longer exist, but Grey Street does. Not that there aren't a lot of good buildings in Newcastle still. That's the next post.

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  1. The Plaza!!! I roller skated around their basement ballroom to 2Unlimited on many late-80s / early-90s Saturday afternoons. What an amazing place. I probably cried when the suspicious fire razed it to the ground. Also the second picture of the arcade - is actually inside 55 degrees North these days if I am not mistaken? Having had Swan House built over it was not enough of an insult it seems. You used to be able to walk through its awful and beautiful dereliction.