Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Most of the gig posters I've drawn are here

A lot of them are old, and terrible. The above is new and, I hope, not quite terrible.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Hell Broke Loose

This, and the others below, have been photographed, not scanned, so I can't get much clarity with them. This drawing is based on W. Dent's "Hell Broke Loose"

The Wirry Crake (ii) and (iii)

The Wirry Crake itself

The Wirry Crake (i)

The Wirry Crake is based on the Wirry-cow;

A Wirey-cow, Wirry-carl etc. was in Scotland, a bugbear, goblin, ghost, ghoul or other frightful object. Sometimes it was used for the Devil, or a scarecrow.

"Draggled sae 'mang muck and stanes,

They looked like wirry-cows"

—Allan Ramsay