Thursday, 30 April 2009

Links of Interest

The websites of some people who've drawn comics for TFC#3 ..

Panayiotis Terzis -
J.M. Bertoyas -
Rusty Jordan -
Alice Socal -
Christina Gransow -

Num Aug

A few drafts of things; a cover for 'Num Aug', a planned romance/violence comic about a deranged goblin and his love for a pigeon called Crow, and a plan for an animation that Marlene and Martina are doing for TFC#3, which will have the first few pages of Num Aug in it.

Monday, 20 April 2009

French Children

A French 7 year old in Angouleme, at the last comic festival. He was looking at Two Fast Colour #2 and was, I've been told, something like enchanted. I don't know if his mother bought it for him though. Parents are a harder crowd; unfortunately they tend to have the money.


This is a page I decided not to use for Two Fast Colour 3 as it was too 'open' (?) and didn't really fit.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Unused drawings

I had intended to use these as posters but I never did.


I drew a lot of bats last summer and these are from then. I meant to draw a comic with the characters and had it all written down, but again, I never got around to drawing it. Sometime I will do it.

A boxing comic

I've noticed (or not noticed) that there aren't many boxing comics about. These are images from my minimal attempt at doing one. I'm a very lazy drawer so I won't be drawing the crowd or the ring or the judges. A referee will pop in to view when someone goes down however.

New Posters

For the Kicker Conspiracy club night in London.

Chlorus Mus

The first page of a comic which I've drawn for Two Fast Colour #3, a comic anthology put together by Martina Lenzin and Marlene Krause in Hamburg. From their myspace at;

/////// TWO FAST COLOUR is a Hamburg based international comic anthology _____________________________________________________________________ /////// TWO FAST COLOUR nÂș3 will be released in MAY 2009!! -- comics by Birgit Weyhe, Rusty Jordan, Alice Socal, Jul Gordon, Richard Short, JM Bertoyas, Christina Gransow, Marlene Krause, mol, Panayiotis Terzis ...t.b.c. -- the Release Party will be at POW Gallery/ Hamburg

A Grave Error

A new comic page, based on a lie I told when I was about eight years old. I have never been to America.