Monday, 15 June 2009

Comics Festival Munchen

' Two Fast Colour' (Marlene, Martina, maybe others?) went to the Munchen comic festival last week and sold some issues of number 3.

I looked on the festival website to see if there were any photos of the event but couldn't find any. I did find this page though; with my drawing (the black and white one) on it. Sadly I can't read German, so I don't know what the article says.

I should have some copies of TFC3 in the next few weeks if anyone would like one. I think it got so big, in terms of pages, that it's now a double issue (I'll check that).

In Germany Andy Capp (who's from Hartlepool, as I am) is known, curiously (?), as Willi Wacker.

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  1. Hello richard. As prophesied we've managed to avoid another impromptu acquaintance in waitrose. However I would quite like a copy of 'two fast colour' therefore i'm hoping this message will act as an augury to that end.

    Also i wonder if this might be of any interest to you i was reading it earlier

    Yours in diversion.