Sunday, 9 August 2009

Nth Company

When I was seven years old all I drew was new characters - each new character drawn quite small in the centre of a new A4 sheet, which would be put in a file or a drawer with all of the other ones, none of them ever seeing a single panel of action. Not much has changed in twenty years. These are some characters for a 'company' of WWI super freaks which will never be sent on any missions. Unless someone wants to buy, or steal, them from me. I'll listen to any bids, however small.

The Asbestos Kid does have an origin story and was formerly in a hero-league with Whitefinger and The Black Lung. Micromegas can grow to the size of St. Pauls' Cathedral or shrink to the size of an ant. However these feats cause unsightly stretchmarks and this makes Micromegas reluctant to use his gifts. Magnificat benefits from the physical attributes of being a 6ft 3" were-cat, though he tends not to lick his own arsehole or eat dying wasps.

(The above names are taken from places in North-East England. Ingleby Barwick and Percy Main are to follow)

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